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Jun 1, 2016

Science Enthusiast Podcast 003: Biology Babe discusses cancer woo

Full notes:

A rant: Harambe killed after 4 year old falls into enclosure

Guest: Lauren from Biology Babe! Lauren is a cancer researcher, so we talked about immunology and cancer woo with her! Lauren has written for our site, too!

Links/articles relevant to the discussion:

The Three Es of Cancer Immunoediting
Targeting Cancer with Genetically Engineered
American Cancer Society: Immunotherapy
Mercola settles for $5.3 million for lying about reducing cancer risk (while actually increasing the risk)

We also asked her questions sourced from our discussion group: The Science Enthusiasts!

You can find Lauren on Facebook, on Twitter as @BiolBabe, or on Instagram as @BiolBabe, or on Snapchat as @BiolBabe. Because: #socialmedia

God of the week: Themis! To the ancient Greeks she was originally the organizer of the "communal affairs of humans, particularly assemblies". Let's give Themis all our #thoughtsandprayers this week.

Why we love the Internet: Garlic Bread Memes! Particularly, their exposure of banana bread being an Illuminati conspiracy.

Quote of the week: Sea salt. It's the same fucking thing as regular salt. -Biology Babe